Since our founding, Techabyte3D has strived to provide the best quality products with a timely lead. We buy only the highest quality plastics and each printer has been tuned to the hundredth of a millimeter. We model each part to the exact specifications of the customer. If the customer is unsatisfied with our modeling services, we will remodel it to their specifications. If the customer is dissatisfied with our print quality(which is highly unlikely) we will reprint it free of charge.


Jerry Bell - Solids Handling Technologies:

Hello. My name is Jerry I work for Solids Handling Technologies. We do testing for bulk solids. Sometime we have to do model testing. I have had Arjun to make several models for me and every one has been spot on. Arjun knows what he is doing with his 3D printing he knows the right materials for a strong part. I have been 100% happy working with Arjun.