Since it's founding in 2016, Techabyte3D has been trusted with over a hundred orders from various industries. We value the satisfaction of our customers and ensure no customer is left unhappy. Our competitive pricing paired with our prosumer grade printers, Techabyte3D is right for you. 


Techabyte3D uses only the best and high quality materials from reputable sellers. If you have any questions about what material is right for your purpose, inquiries about experimental materials, or any questions in general, feel free to contact us. 

ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene):

ABS is one of the most common 3D Printing materials. It has high strength properties, along with temperature resistance up to 105 degrees Celsius(221 degrees Fahrenheit.) Although ABS has it's strengths, it also has many weaknesses. ABS tends to warp during printing on many parts. This makes it harder to print with and sometimes makes the end part slightly disfigured, especially around the base. To know if your model will print well with ABS, feel free send it to me. 

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PLA(Polylactic acid):

PLA is the most common 3D printing material. It is easy, quick, accurate, and does not warp during printing. PLA is the go to standard for cosplay and non functioning parts. PLA, likewise to ABS has it's downsides - PLA is very brittle and melts as low as 60 degrees Celsius(140 degrees Fahrenheit.) If you leave PLA in your car on a hot day, it is very likely for the part to disfigure. 

PETG(Polyethylene terephthalate)

PETG is the common ground between ABS and PLA. PETG has the same strength and temperature resistance of ABS, but also does not warp as much during printing. Plastic bottles are usually made out of PET (PETG is derived off of PET.) The only downside to PETG is it is a bit more expensive, but not by a huge amount. Color variety for PETG is also rather limited, but we can order in requested colors(with additional lead time).

Other Materials:

We also have other experimental materials, such as materials with flexible properties. If you have any requests for materials, we are happy to order in different materials to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.